Happy New Year! It’s the arrival of a glorious New Year. The limit column at the end of this occasion, “PC Game Goku☆Michi” has also passed the year. That’s a good thing. …… Well, I can’t get rid of the impression that it is somehow like this. I would like to continue to do this in the future. Sincerely.

Aside from that, the arrival of the new year also means that the launch of a new game is approaching. In 2022, games like this will continue to delight us gamers. So, this time, I’m going to introduce some of the games that I’m writing this column are looking forward to this year. Put it on your wish list now and turn 2022 into an exciting year!

In the distant future, when the earth was destroyed. Humanity had moved from the collapsed surface to an underground facility and survived. However, the underground facility Celaco was exposed to invasion attacks. Dawn, the security captain, becomes involved in a battle while pursuing the mystery hidden in Seraco.

“Selaco” is an old-school FPS and boomer shooter that begins with such a story. Developed with GZDoom, a DOOM compatible engine, the game is naturally heavily influenced by the DOOM franchise, but it is also heavily influenced by the classic F.E.A.R. horror FPS.

It seems to be insanely fun because it fuses the high-speed side of a boomer shooter with a realistic (should it be called “F.E.A.R.”) side that hides behind cover and fights. It also seems to implement interesting objects such as banana peels that topple enemies. It is said that the development is aimed at the smart AI of “F.E.A.R.”, and it seems that we can expect a tense battle that makes good use of such objects. The dim and eerie atmosphere is also attractive.

It says that it will be released on August 2255, 8, but this is naturally a joke. The release date is still undecided. I would be happy if it was released in 25.

You woke up in a shabby cinema. Yes, the so-called “free pit”. Apparently this was purgatory and he died. But the inhabitants of this cinema are not without kindness. It seems to teach you how to get out of here. It is the beginning of a dangerous adventure that dives deep into hell.

Freaked Fleapit, which is in the genealogy of Crypt of the Necrodancer, is a dungeon crawler that moves characters to the rhythm of the background music in the game. Looking at the two PVs that are currently released (the other one released by the publisher), it seems quite formidable, as the rhythm of movement is not constant unlike the origin, and you have to press various buttons like a rhythm game when fighting. MAGNETUDE’s music is divided into layers, and it seems that they also use a system that dynamically changes the music by layering or excluding layers according to the development of the game, so I expect that you will feel that sense of adventure by knocking on the music more strongly.

And above all, the artwork is insanely good. The game also adds visual novel elements to the dungeon crawler, and also depicts interactions with an attractive and pretty girl who is a resident of the Free Pit. Ruby, a poltergeist with glasses and amazing lower breasts, Keira, a demon instead of a raccoon girl, Phassaria, a grim reaper, Sister June, a retired angel, and a bellhop who fell into hell like the main character. Insanely cute. And since there are so many girls, it naturally uses multiple endings. …… Hot. It’s hot.

It was originally planned to be released in the second half of 2021, but it seems that crowdfunding has not been successful and development has grown. However, in December 2021, a publisher was added and a Steam store page was launched. Thanks to that, it is planned to be Japanese. THANKS CRITICAL REFLEX (PUBLISHER). I support Finch Bird Studio (development).

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