“The better the game, the more people end up playing the game over and over again. However, the more you play the game, the more you get used to it, so it becomes less rewarding. Games with solid endgames are fine, but many games don’t have endgame elements. It’s a sad decree for gamers and games.

This is where game developers suddenly notice. Then you can create your own future! If you make that ahead, the fans will buy it! Today, a variety of follower titles have appeared, and many of them have been created by increasing the difficulty or adding systems to encourage existing fans while retaining the elements of the hit title.

So, “PC Game Goku☆道” introduces the world of PC games that you don’t know yet. This time, we will follow that masterpiece and introduce “Esse Proxy”, which incorporates skills and more.

Esse Proxy is a game developed by Argentinian indie game developer From South Games, released on July 2022, 7. This developer is a very small indie developer consisting of Alexis and Ariel, and this is their debut. It’s nice to see a cheerful photo of the two of you when you check the credits in the game. It seems that they have developed this game by gaining their skills through subcontracting for mobile game development. A video of the prototype of this work was uploaded to SNS in 11, and it seems that they have been focusing on development for at least two years. This work must be a big challenge for them. I would like to support you by all means.

The setting is the near future. In this cyberpunk world, two men and an android plunge into a vortex of intrigue and into the slaughter.

Esse Proxy is a top-down shooter. As you can see from the appearance, you are a follower of Hotline Miami, and the story part sandwiched between the stages is also progressing from a downward perspective, and the story is not explained in detail and the player follows it vaguely.

Naturally, this game is as difficult as Hotline Miami, and you have to eliminate all enemies under the harsh conditions that if you attack even once, you will die instantly. Enemies can also be defeated with a single shot (see below, but there are exceptions), but they are not easy to break through because many enemies surround you. This work has a harshness that makes you try again and again.

However, of course, it is not exactly the same as the source of the follow. A major feature of this work is that you can use bullet time! The world goes into slow motion while you press the button, allowing you to defeat enemies faster and more reliably. The time it can be used during the stage is limited, but it can be used for quite a long time and can be used at any time, which is very convenient.

In addition, there are three player characters in the game, each with a skill that can be used once per stage, and are invincible for a certain amount of time, a fast shot that hits all enemies in sight in an instant (invincible while activated), and invisibility, all of which are extremely powerful. In addition to that, melee attacks can be used regardless of the weapon equipped, and you will be killed by melee enemies who approach you while fighting with the gun that was following you… It is a specification that makes it easy to deal with such a pinch.

What’s more, you can charge your gun to fire penetrating shots, and you can even kill multiple enemies with a single shot.

Overall, I have the impression that elements that give players a considerable advantage have been added in a hurry. Perhaps the player characters are enhancing their bodies with future cybernetic technology or something. It’s sci-fi technology.

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