Roguelikes and roguelites have become staple game elements among classics. Some games use this as the main feature, while others appear as sub-elements, or are implemented as limited-time events, and are used in various games. Every play starts with a clean slate, and the random elements add color to the game experience.

However, it can be difficult to tie the game system into the game setting, where when you die, permadeath from the beginning, and something different happens every time. Usually, when you die, it’s over. Even if you die, the only person who can start from the beginning is the god of the underworld.

However, there was a subject that was too affinity with this part that says it’s the end when you die! So, “PC Game Goku☆Michi” introduces the world of PC games that you may not know yet. This time, we will introduce “We Who Are About To Die”, which meshes too much with the roguelike.

The game is being developed by Belgian independent developer Jordy Lakiere and launched in Early Access on November 2022, 11. The game took seven years to develop when it launched in Early Access. In an interview with overseas media, he said that he did not have the budget or connections to form a team, and it can be seen that he has been building it alone for a long time. It is a tremendous belief and perseverance. The game doesn’t even go through a publisher, and the sales and marketing are done entirely by one person. It’s really amazing. In addition, I usually work as a lecturer at a university facility that trains and conducts game developer training and research, and I develop with two pairs of straw shoes.

No, seriously. I want you to succeed. The game is currently receiving a great response on Steam, and we look forward to future updates and his success.

Ancient Roman period. There were beings who scattered their lives for entertainment. It’s a gladiator. They are forced to fight as slaves and prisoners of war, and are forced to kill each other for the sake of spectacle. They have no choice but to win or die…

We Who Are About To Die is a 3D action game about such gladiators. Players control a person who has become a gladiator for a variety of reasons, in a life-or-death battle.

There have been many gladiator-themed games in the past, but what makes this game so unique is that a gladiator is randomly generated as the player’s alter ego. Your name, origin, passive skills, money, and what the gladiator is aiming for will change. For example, if you come from a slave background, you don’t have any money and are trying to get out of slavery by making money, and if you are a dangerous ordinary citizen looking for stimulation, you want to kill your enemies anyway. …… Is there such a bad guy? The ancient Romans want too much killing.

Anyway, each of these person’s goals is set as the goal of completing the game. But to achieve that goal, you have to win the battle and survive. Whatever you do, you have to kill your enemies! Naturally, if you lose, you will die. The generated character disappears and a new gladiator becomes the player’s alter ego.

Fight life or death, strengthen yourself through training and equipment updates, and go to further battles for your purpose. Moreover, gladiators are like slaves, also known as swordsmen. It is not permissible to escape.

Yes, you get it! Gladiators who die or live are truly roguelikes in life! The backdrop of ancient Roman human life treated lightly as the game’s player character fits perfectly into a roguelike that experiences death over and over again. Certainly, the setting and system match to the point where you might think, “Isn’t there a better subject for a roguelike?” The developers call this game the “ultimate gladiator simulator”, and when I drew gladiators, it naturally became a roguelike! And so on. It’s a nice idea, and in a way, it’s a work with blind spots.

The game is all about the strongest marriage of roguelikes and gladiators, but what makes you want to pay even more attention is the combat system of this game.

The game uses a physics-based melee fighting system that allows you to drag the mouse to swing the weapon in your hand in any direction. You can use this to evade the enemy’s defenses. Of course, if you run or turn your body to gain momentum, your attack power will increase dramatically. The system is close to the classic Mount & Blade series, and will be familiar to PC gamers of yesteryear.

In addition, the more you hold down the click and accumulate, the heavier the blow will be, but it will be easier to guard or dodge, and conversely, if you shorten the reservoir, it will swing quickly, so it is easier to evade the guard but not damage. It is a profound system that can be developed for a long time. There are also techniques such as throwing weapons and flicking off the weapons you have with your guard, so control your character skillfully and win the game.

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