Games that are difficult and require repeated challenges are now steadfastly popular. Even though the mind should be destroyed, the number of players who continue to play this kind of game is not decreasing. …… Do gamers have special habits? Certainly, since the days of retro games, there have been many games with incredible difficulty. Gamers may have been such creatures since ancient times.

Nowadays, high-difficulty games are all the rage, and there are many high-difficulty retro games. If so, it is inevitable that the idea of extracting the essence of high difficulty from difficult retro games and tuning it for Reiwa will come up.

So, “PC Game Goku☆Michi” introduces the world of PC games that you may not know yet. This time, we will introduce “Last Command”, which combines the retro game genre with other genres to make it more difficult.

Last Command is a game jointly developed by Taiwanese indie developer CreSpirit and No Stuck Game Studios, and was released on October 2022, 10. CreSpirit is known as the development of Rabi-Ribi, and No Stuck Game Studios is known as the development of Hunger Dungeon. In particular, “Rabi-Ribi” is quite a hit, so many of you may know it. With the work of such a talented development team, this game was highly acclaimed and gained popularity immediately after its release.

However, when this game was first released Japanese it was difficult to localize, and perhaps because of that, it was not talked about so much in Japan. However, on December 2022, 12 Japanese there was a quality update for the localization and it has been improved to a much more natural Japanese. There is no doubt that attention will increase in the Japan in the future. This is a work that I would like you to pay attention to now.

“I’ve been looking for a computer game player like you for a long time.”

When you start the game, a mysterious entity speaks to you. We need your cooperation and will to complete a command.

You hear the request of a mysterious entity and embark on a journey to complete commands by connecting you to the electronic world after humanity has disappeared.

“Last Command”, which starts with such a start, is a bit of a strange barrage action. THE PLAYER TAKES ON THE ROLE OF A CRAWLER-TYPE PROGRAM “PYTHON” IN THE ELECTRONIC WORLD INHABITED BY AI PROGRAMS, AND ADVANCES TO COMPLETE COMMANDS THAT YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE YET. The story begins to spin as we meet Faye from the Iron Guard Knights, a support program and anti-virus program unit that helps players.

Perhaps because humanity has disappeared in this world, the programs are in trouble, and some of them are out of control. It’s pretty diminished, and will attack players who try to move on, either out of control or to stop them! This is where the battle begins.

This game is mainly about this boss fight, and your objective is to win this battle and move the story forward.

And the biggest feature of this game is the combat system. This work is based on the old retro game “Snake Game”! The player can only move up, down, left and right, and controls his own ship that keeps moving automatically, collecting items called data that appear one by one on the stage. The fact that the player’s ship lengthens by one square each time the data is picked up is also a snake game.

However, in a typical snake game, the goal is to lengthen the body, but this game has a different purpose for collecting items. This is because this data is a so-called bullet. You can pick it up and fire it to damage the boss.

However, it is inefficient to fire immediately after picking it up. When the data is collected, it shifts to a high-efficiency state, and there is no charge time for firing, allowing continuous fire. If you are not in a high-efficiency state, the charge for firing is quite long, and it is better to collect data before firing it to deal damage faster as a result.

Gather data. When it accumulates, fire it. This is the basics.

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