Games are content that has been inherited and changed by following various elements of existing works such as masterpieces and hit titles. However, it is natural that simply imitating popular elements as they are lacks novelty and is difficult to hit. If so, it is important how to arrange the elements of the follower.

Now, there are many different ways to arrange these elements, but the easiest one is to add another play that isn’t in the following. So, “PC Game Goku☆Michi” introduces the world of PC games that you may not know yet. This time, we will introduce the game “Contraband Police”, which retains the elements of the famous super hit game but adds additional elements to the outside.

Contraband Police is a game developed by Polish indie developer Crazy Rocks and released on March 2023, 3. In fact, this game took a decent amount of time to develop. Looking at the Steam article, it seems that development has been underway since 8, so it has been more than 2018 long years. The demo version was first released in September 5, so many of you may have been waiting for the release with your neck long (like me). In fact, this developer is a team of only 2020 people, and as I will touch on later, this development period makes sense considering the state of the game’s elements.

Also, to be nerdy, Crazy Rocks is a small but long-running team of five who made their commercial debut “Ski Sniper.” was released in 5. This is a very small game that looks like a very mini-game. Creation starts with completing small things… It’s often said, but that’s exactly the kind of team that has followed this route! The team has become strong enough to create a big game called “Contraband Police”! As a player who liked Ski Sniper, I’m delighted.

As it seems to be a big work, a major publisher called Play Way is also cooperating with it, and since its release, multilingual localization support including Japanese and full voice have been implemented. Amazing.

End of April 1981. This is a communist country of Akaristan. A new commander has arrived at the checkpoint on that border. It seems that the previous commander did something reckless to enrich himself and was arrested or relegated. Calcutta, where the checkpoint is located, is a rural area deep in the mountains, and it is a deserted place with only a few people wishing to enter the country for one day. However, the situation is fluctuating both at home and abroad, and it is a noisy world. The responsibility placed on the commander is heavy.

Needless to say, this game that starts like this is a follower work of the super-blockbuster classic “Papers, Please”. Players take on the role of a rookie commander who arrives at this base and performs immigration duties.

The basis of immigration is to check documents. Various documents such as passports, entry permits, vehicle registration certificates in the cargo list, etc. must be checked for defects, and if there are no problems with the documents, entry must be permitted, and if there are problems with the documents, the applicant must be turned away. In these noisy times, counterfeit documents are circulating all over the world. Is the applicant’s passport the same as the photo on his or her passport and is there a misspelling of his or her name? Check everything else and make the right decision.

Well, so far it is the part of the element from which it is followed. The setting is a fictional small communist state, and in this country, Akaruistan, a dictator is tormenting its citizens, and terrorists who want to revolution are running in the dark.

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