There are many different names for it, but roguelikes have become the most massive genre in gaming. Not to mention the original roguelike dungeon crawler, but also roguelike deck build card games, roguelike FPS, roguelike strategy… There are many different games. But, of course, roguelike elements can’t be combined into everything.

However! Naturally, there are developers who challenge such seemingly mismatched combinations. So, “PC Game Goku☆Michi” introduces the world of PC games that you may not know yet. This time, we will introduce the new innovation of roguelike sports game “Tape to Tape”.

Tape to Tape, developed by Canada-based indie developer Excellent Rectangle, launched in Early Access on Steam on May 2023, 5. This team is a development team of only three people, and it seems that each member has been developing the game while doing their job. Although the game is the team’s first, it has been successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter to accelerate development and garner 3,3 reviews in its first two weeks in Early Access. It’s been quite a success. Expectations are high for future updates.

Well, Tape to Tape is an ice hockey game with a pretty old-school feel. The court is depicted from a bird’s-eye view, and players switch between their team’s players and move around in attack and defense.

The controls are very simple, just move, shoot, pass, use abilities, and switch players. Since it is a control system that can be seen in soccer games, it is a game that many people have touched and can imagine. Although it is old-fashioned, the coat is made in 3D, and the movement of the pack is expressed in 3D. The CPU is solid both offensively and defensively, and he is quite clever. In addition to CPU battles, it also supports local battles with friends, making it a solid sports game.

Perhaps because of the mysterious fantasy world, the enemy team that stands in the way of the player has a messy ability. A knight who charges up and hits a high-speed shot while making a sound like a mega man. The mountain man team pulls this player around with a grappling hook. Such as the Paripi team that suddenly starts dancing and engulfs this player in a jump and makes him incapacitated. A decent match is nearly impossible.

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