Are you guys watching movies?Today, as a movie lover who checks nearly 100 movies a year,
I tend to choose who to watch them, but I would like to introduce a total of 9 masterpiece foreign movies that I
still want to recommend from the bottom of my heart .

The films I introduce are from various eras
and production countries, but all of them are works with origami
that have left a strong impression on my heart .

If you read this article to the end, you will surely find
the perfect movie to spend your free time meaningfully during the New Year holidays .

Let’s go.

9 Masterpiece Foreign Films That Experts Like

A Danish film released in 2018 featuring the main character as an operator of the emergency communications control room, which is the first department in the police
to receive calls from citizens .

In Japan, it is a work in which the main character is a police officer who
responds to 110 calls, and it is quite a challenging content that the movie is completed only in the communication control room from beginning to end . increase.

To be honest, at first, I started watching the movie with a sense of dread, wondering if it would really
work with such a niche setting .

Speaking of what is amazing about this movie,
first of all, the presence is amazing.

In the movie, only the operator side is always
shown, and the movie progresses while intentionally hiding
the appearance of the other party (citizen) who called .

That creates the effect of naturally synchronizing the feelings of the main character’s operator and the feelings of the
viewer .

The contents of the calls to the command room are wide -ranging,
and there are just prank calls and wrong calls
, calls from people who are involved in crime right now, and people who
are in a situation where every minute and every second is life-threatening. There is also a phone.

This work is a movie that specializes in simulating
the extreme psychological state of the operator who must act accurately and instantly in such a chaotic situation .

However, it is not just a job introduction movie from beginning to
end .

It was no surprise that the film received high acclaim, including the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival .

If you’re after an hour and a half of thrilling thrills and
an intense feeling that awaits at the end,
check out the guilty.

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